Therapy and Counselling Terms & Conditions

Senior Clinical Psychologist Dr. Reena Shah strives to serve her clients with integrity and honesty. Her terms and conditions apply to all her psychology practices. In the interest of providing the best care, the following terms and conditions establish what Dr. Shah and her patients may expect of each other.

Professional Care

Dr. Reena Shah is a registered Chartered Clinical Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a Clinical Psychologist Practitioner with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). She adheres to professional member conduct rules and code of ethics and conduct. She is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with The Dermatology Clinic.


Appointments may be booked by using the contact details given (email or by telephone). Appointments last for 50 minutes, which is standard practice for all psychologists.


If you wish to cancel your appointment, please do so up to 48 hours before the appointment in order to avoid incurring a cancellation fee. Appointments cancelled within 48 hours of the arranged appointment shall be charged in full.


Charges shall be arranged and agreed before your first session. This shall depend on the service you require, duration of your treatment or therapy. Dr Shah reserves the right to review all charges. If session rates are to be increased you will be notified at least 1 month in advance.

Dr Shah takes payment in full for the first assessment session and then in full at the end of each session thereafter by either cash or bank transfer (payable to Dr Reena Shah). Unfortunately Dr Shah does not have the facilities to accept credit or debit card payments. Dr Shah reserves the right to collect unpaid fees and it is her discretion whether to book another appointment if fees have not been paid in full.


Conversations between you and Dr Shah remain strictly confidential. Dr Shah will not discuss your matter with anyone unless she has your permission to do so. However if Dr Shah feels that you may be a danger to yourself or to others then this confidentiality will be breached (even without your permission). Social services, police or the relevant body shall be informed where there is significant risk to you or to others.

Dr Shah has regular supervision as part of the commitment to good practice and professional duties outlined by the British Psychological Society. Confidentiality rules extend to the supervisor who is also a qualified Clinical Psychologist accredited by the BPS and HCPC.

All records (session notes etc) will be stored safely in a locked file and/or within a password protected word document and shall be accessed by Dr Shah. Your personal information will also be kept safe, as Dr Shah adheres to the Data Protection Act of 2018 and the GDPR rules.


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